Classy Swag


I believe most of us have seen this image floating around the internet and most gents use it to diss themselves by claiming to be in one group or the other. However, i see it differently. I see it as phases in a mans life that he goes through with age and each one should be embraced.

I took a minute to highlight three distinguished style phases a gentleman goes through, all of which i love and appreciate.

1. Chris Brown – Swagish Youngin

Despite the controversy around him and his incident with Ms. Rihanna , Chris Brown expresses the effortless style of a young homie with swag.

2. Derrick Rose – Classic Swag

Currently on the Cover of the May issue of GQ magazine, Mr. Rose, a basketball star for the Chicago Bulls, exhibits swag and class in his spread for the magazine. The men of basketball these days keep surprising us with their style. They’re not the baggy wearing players of yesteryears, but the stylish role models of today.

 3. John Slattery РClass

I won’t be surprised if this is a household name now; if not, then his show “Mad Men” should. John Slattery is one of the stylish cast members on AMC’s 60’s based show. Mad Men is also one of the most stylish shows on American television and Mr. Slattery brings that style to the pages of GQ for its Style Bible edition it released in April.

So please gentlemen of all ages, embrace your style. Style is very personal and should be expressed as long as it’s clean, and tells your story in a respective and responsible way.

The Treasure Gentleman,


Pictures Via GQ


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