What’s In Your Closet This Summer? – DOCKERS ALPHA KHAKIS


As a part of the What’s in your closet this summer? series, i would like to talk about the Alpha Khakis by Dockers. I came across these during one of my shopping trips to Macy’s. I had always wanted to purchase a pair of Dockers Khakis but the fit was never right, even those that had “slim fit” written on them. But this time around, Dockers hit the mark with these pair. Below is a little information on them.

Dockers Alpha Khakis

The Dockers Alpha Khaki as seen above was released in August 2011. “The Alphas begin by taking your favorite denim features, such as rugged construction, heavy fabric, reinforcement stitching, and over-lock seaming, and then go one step beyond by incorporating iconic dressed-up details of tailored khaki trousers, including a sleek fit and a tapered leg.”

I believe the blue jeans reign as the go-to pants for the gentleman might just be about to end. I love these pants because of the fit and the fact that they can be dressed up and down. Below is a video by Dockers on the different ways you can wear them.

The Alphas are also available in a variety of colors great for this summer, and just like your blue jeans, they can be worn in any season. I especially like how soft they are, while remaining durable – which i appreciate knowing how i plan to wear them this summer.

Finally, the other good thing about them is the price. Depending on where you get them, and which store is having a sale, they tend to range from $48 – $128.

Enjoy and make sure you have these in your closet this summer.

Thanks for reading as always!

The Treasure Gentleman,



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