5 Under $500 – The Father’s Day Gift Guide.


Father’s day is around the corner, Sunday June 17th 2012. As future fathers or even current fathers, let’s use this opportunity to show our fathers and the father figures in our lives, how much we love them. Our fathers have sacrificed a lot for us and while we may tend to forget these sacrifices or sometimes take them for granted, this year lets remember and show our old men all the love. In addition to the fact that the seeds we sow today, we’ll reap in the future – in other words, what we do to that grey haired man today our kids may eventually do to us.

I’ve taken out time to come up with the “5 under $500” fathers day gift guide. This will showcase 5 gifts under $500 which are great gifts for that mentor in your life.

1. The Athletic Dad

For the athletic dad who runs before the start of his day, plays a sport after work or the Dad who you just want to give the hint that he needs to start exercising – you can even volunteer to do it with him, get him a new pair of running shoes. Below is a pair of Nike running shoes which would be great for Dad. Nike is known to be one of the best designers for athletic shoes so why not get the best for the best Dad.

Nike LunarGlide +3 Running Shoe – $110

2. The Appearance-Conscious Dad

The Appearance-Conscious Dad will always be in search for the best beauty or shaving products out there. There’s definitely no problem with that; hey, if he wasn’t that way he wouldn’t have met your hot mum and this stylish you wouldn’t be here today. Why not get him this Lab Series Shave Set he can use after his morning work-out as he gets ready for the day.

Lab Series Shave Set – $55

3. The Stylish Dad

The stylish dad would love a new shirt he can wear to a wedding this summer, work, or a dinner date with the family. Why not give him one that he can wear to all three occasions.

Thomas Pink Shirt – $185 get a similar tie from The Tie Bar – $15 and consider adding a tie bar from the same store for an additional $15.

4. The Working Dad

A man’s briefcase tells a lot about him. What do you want people to think about your old man? Upgrade his style with a new briefcase and when he gets a compliment on how stylish he looks with it, he’ll always remember how you’re his favorite child. Here’s an idea for a good one.

Jack Spade “Waxwear” Laptop File Case – $395

5. The Reading/Tech Savvy Dad

After all the days work and he’s on his way home from work on the train, or in the back seat of his chauffeured ride, get him something he can read with. The new iPad is a perfect balance for that Dad who enjoys a good read and one who likes playing with new toys.

The new iPad – $499

The most important gift of all this father’s day would be the gift of your presence or the sound of your voice. If you’re like me, who’s a thousand miles away from Dad, there’s nothing we can do but give him a call and remind him of how much we love him.

I hope i’ve helped ease the stress of getting Papa a gift.

Thanks for reading as always!

The Treasure Gentleman,



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