Under My Umbrella.

I’ve gone through about 3 foldable umbrellas already this season with the rain we’ve been experiencing here in Washington, DC. After leaving the last foldable umbrella i purchased from “Bed Bath and Beyond” in the train, i finally made up my mind to invest in a classic stick umbrella; one that expresses my true style and one i won’t be forgetting easily on the train or in the umbrella bin at the front door of a restaurant.

Throw away those umbrella’s that fit in your side pocket and that one your girlfriend just pulled out of her purse for you. Stay away from those ridiculously huge golf umbrellas that keeps bumping into people on the street; you’re not trying to cover your entire family under there, it’s just you in it, right?

Here i’ve made it easy for you by coming up with these 5 classy wooden handle stick umbrellas that’ll make you stand out in the crowd, and all are under $100. Now you can boldly share your umbrella with that special someone when it’s raining or just walk across the street in style with it in hand when the rain goes away. Trust me, you won’t be loosing these!

1. Black Stick Umbrella by Lands’ End – $39.50

2. Brown Stick Umbrella by Totes – $20

3. Tattersall Stick Umbrella by Brooks Brothers – $70

4. Striped Stick Umbrella by Totes – $20

5. Navy Stick Umbrella by Joseph Abboud – $35.99

These classic stick umbrellas can go with all dress codes; Formal, Business casual, and Casual. Here’s how Dan from “The Style Blogger” does it in style with his Pasotti Ombrelli of Italy umbrella. Please feel free to check out his blog at www.thestyleblogger.com. This gentleman has a great sense of style and is a constant source of inspiration.

Thanks for reading as always. I hope this helps!

The Treasure Gentleman,



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