Bang for your Buck – The Gentleman’s Wrist Watch

A gentleman’s wrist watch is sometimes a form of status symbol, while other times it’s just a necessity that simply tell’s the time – especially when you’re looking forward to getting off work or leaving that boring class. Most of us invest a lot of money in securing a single durable time piece, and most times can’t afford to purchase another or just don’t believe there’s a better one out there.

Whatever the situation is, i’ve come up with this “Bang for your Buck” post where you can get the most out of your special time piece. I got the inspiration for this while doing a little research online and just by changing the strap/band of your wrist watch, you have a whole new watch for every occasion.

I gave this a test before doing this post, so below is a before and after picture i took while changing the band of one of my watches.


Before and After

You can purchase new watch bands anywhere online, but i’ll suggest you use “The Watch Prince”. The service was great and my items were delivered in two days. Below is a video done by them, on how to change your watch band.

Here are the 2 items you’ll need to purchase online:

1. Replacement watch band (Spring bars are included)

2. Spring bar tool

Tips for purchasing a watch band:

1. Determine the width of your strap; usually between 18m to 22mm. Mine was 22mm.

2. Determine the length of your strap. Most people wear regular (7.25″ – 7.70″)

3. Purchase either an Alligator or Crocodile Black or Brown band. This will be a great switch up when going to work or an event. Change the band based on your outfit.

4. Purchase a colored nylon strap, which will be a great pop of color this summer.

There it is gentlemen. You get a good use for that investment you made a couple of years ago. Use these tips and most people will think you have a new watch each time.

Thanks for reading as always!

The Treasure Gentleman,



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