The Treasure Gentleman – 10 Summer Essentials.


June 21st is the official start to summer and in order to put your best foot forward this hot season, here’s “The Treasure Gentleman’s – 10 Summer Essentials.”

1. The Ray Ban folding glasses –

Ray ban wayfarer should be in every mans collection of sunglasses. It’s a staple. Despite the fact that almost 60% of people you walk by on the street are already wearing a pair, these glasses are just so classic that I DON’T CARE how many people own it. This summer, get your hands on a folding pair; most sunglass designers are doing this already and it’s so easy to stow away when indoors.

2. The Straw Fedora –

I’m a huge fan of hats. Go with a straw fedora for its great looks and the straw material lets in air will looking classy.

3. Coppertone Sport SPF 30 –

Before you leave the house make sure you have a good amount of sunscreen on. Let’s leave cancer to cancer. Doctors say SPF 30 will do just right, so don’t bother rushing for the 75’s and up.

4. Printed Vest/tank by Topman –

The printed vest would be a great apparel for the heat wave we’re expecting this season. Prints are also in, so why not go trendy in this printed vest/tank from Topman.

5. Timex Weekender –

It’s the weekend boys, leave your Cartier watches at home. Go with this classic Timex piece. It’s also very versatile as you can pick up a number of watch bands with various colors depending on your mood. It’s real easy to change up, no tools necessary.

6. iPhone 4S with the Pinterest app –

I love Apple products, thats why i currently own a Macbook pro and the iPhone4s. Get your hands on a 4S this summer, and while at that download the next biggest app, Pinterest. If you love fashion and all things beautiful, you’ll love this app. Not to forget the amazing lady, Siri, that comes with the iPhone.

7. APC colored Jeans –

Colored jeans are in this summer. get your hands on one ASAP. Start off with a red pair, GQ and Express recommend it. If you’re having doubts about how to pull it off, check out this video from GQ.

8. Toms Navy Nautical Men’s Biminis –

The boat shoes are amazing, but try something new and hot this summer. These bad boys from Toms will be a good replacement for the Sperry’s this year.

9. Bonobos green stripe swim shorts –

Thinking about hitting the beach or the roof top pool something soon? Do that in style with a great pair of board shorts. This by Bonobos also follow the stripe trends of the summer.

10. “How to pray effectively” by Rev. Chris Oyakhilome –

Get your hands on an inspirational book this summer. Be the best of yourself and attract the right people too. I’ll be starting of the season with this great book. You can grab one here.

Feel free to tell me what you think and what your “must haves” are.

Thanks for reading as always! Happy Summer!!

The Treasure Gentleman,


2 Responses to “The Treasure Gentleman – 10 Summer Essentials.”
  1. gntstyle says:

    Wayfarer Folding are always cool!!

    take care

    Consultant Style Advisor

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