Double Your Style

This year 2012 brings the popularity of the doubles; Double breasted jackets, Double breasted vests, and the Double monk strap shoes. All of these have been in style for a while but are steadily gaining popularity in the US and most stylish men are beginning to catch on.

The Double Monk Strap Shoe

I remember the first time I held a pair of double monk strap shoes in a shoe shop a few years ago. I excitedly showed it to my brother hoping he’ll be just as awed at the beauty of these shoes as i was but there he said “what’s that ugly thing?” I’m sure that’s how most men felt when these shoes first came on the scene, but most of them are loving it now.

These shows are pretty pricey for the regular guy and getting a pair under $250 can be quite a challenge. Check out these five amazing pieces.

1. Shoe with buckles by Zara – $99

2. Mercanti Fiorentini Men’s Double Monk Slip-On – $149.95

3. Hankok Double Monstrap by Boss Black – $245

4. Neumora Double Monk Strap by Allen Edmonds – $345 

5. Salvatore Ferragamo “Addo” Double Mon Strap – $540

Here’s how a few men choose to wear them



The Double Breasted Jacket

The Double-breasted suit jackets were popular from the mid-1930s until the late 1950s, and again from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Today, double-breasted jackets are beginning to regain it’s well deserved popularity in Europe and America and in a more modern and slimmer cut, and not to forget amazing colors.

Below is a feature GQ did with actor Michael B Jordan on the double breasted jacket. Get inspired.


The good thing about these is that the style can be worn in any season. Here’s are some picture of men on the street rocking these.


The Double Breasted Vest

I love a good vest and there’s no way i won’t be adding it to this post. The double breasted vest is also making it’s way on the scene and i’m loving it.


I wouldn’t pair a DB vest with a DB jacket, but a DB jacket will look great with a double monk strap shoe. I hope you’ll be rocking these trends soon. Feel free to send in your pictures.

Thanks for reading as always.

The Treasure Gentleman,



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