What’s in Your Closet This Summer? – A good pair of Shorts

Happy new month Gentlemen!

As a part of the series “What’s in your closet this summer?”, i’ll like to add shorts to that list. Not just any kind of shorts but good fitting, colorful and shorts that go to the right lengths.

Here are a few shorts i’m really liking this summer.

(L-R) Bonobos – $88, Urban Outfitters -$143 , Dockers -$49 , Ralph Lauren -$98 

Here are a few tips to choosing the right pair.

1. Make sure the length fits just right. Go for a pair that hits just above the knee. You don’t want it too long – looking like a woman’s crop pants, or too short – looking like booty shorts. Right in between would be perfect. If you’re still not sure, just follow the pictures in this post.

2. Get a tailored fit. Ensure it’s slim fit so no further alteration will be needed.

3. Color is in this year. Go bold, and remember when going bold let everything else be mute.

Feel free to rock these tailored shorts with a blazer if going for a more sophisticated look, or try on a good pair of sandals with it. (Look out for a post on sandals)

Check out these looks from the streets.





Telling every gentleman to wear these tailored shorts is like telling everyman to wear a double breasted jacket – every man has a different sense of style. Below are some cargo shorts that’ll fit the gent not trying to fit in (pun intended).

(L-R) Urban Outfitters – $49 , Brooks Brothers – $59.90

If you’re seeking to go the cargo route, try to make sure everything else you have on is fitted properly. Let the cargo shorts be the only clothing item in your ensemble that’s no fitted. I’ll also suggest you stay away from flip flops when rocking these so you don’t look like you’re not trying at all.

Feeling patriotic this 4th of July? Put on this pair by Bonobos.

I hope this helps this summer.

Keep checking for more style updates, TTG appreciates your support!



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