BOW out?

It is said that the bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century, then after a few centuries, they came to be trendy again about 2-3 years ago having everyone wear them for everyday occasions and not just for special events like most people knew them for.

The trend is pretty fading and most people that wear them today are those that have incorporated the bow tie into their daily style and pretty much wear them about 3-5 days a week. It’s definitely ok if you style rock these regularly, personally I’ve moved on. However it was a style/trend I loved when I did it, and don’t mind seeing around now.

Here are a few bow ties around that just might make me bring out my suspenders/braces, clear lens glasses and throw on a bow tie.

ClockwiseSmart Turnout-$79 Ovadia and Sons-$98 Brooks Brothers-$55 The Tie Bar-$15 Drakes-$115 J Crew-$52 Model-Ovadia and Sons

Tying a bow tie can be tricky too, so here’s a video I came across when I needed to learn the art. Most videos I saw were either too complicated or where done for people who probably already knew how to tie one, right? Anyway, this ex MTV real worlder taught me best.

Thanks for reading. Please check back for new posts soon.


2 Responses to “BOW out?”
  1. GnTstyle says:

    I love bow ties!

    I believe they may come back due to the “doctor who” thing especially in UK of course.

    Great post as usual

    Consultant Style Advisor

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