The Shops at Target – Odin NY


I’m sure most of us are aware of Target’s collaboration with small shops and sometimes big designers to create a high-end collection affordable for the Target shoppers. Target has worked with big designers from Jason Wu to Missoni and now Target’s new project “The Shops at Target” has small shops create collections as they hope to bring a boutique experience to Target shoppers everywhere.

This fall, one of the shops coming to Target is Odin. Odin is a menswear shop based in New York. It’s collection for target offers affordable quality and includes button-down shirts, chinos, sweaters, scarfs and even a scented candle.

Check out the collection

Learn more about the guys behind Odin in the video

Just looking from the pictures, nothing is making me jump out of my seat as of yet. Maybe this is one of those collections that’ll look better in person or when tried on. I’ll definitely give it a try and you should too.

The collection is coming to Target tomorrow, September 9th 2012. Let me know what you think about the collection.

Thanks for reading as always. Please check back for more updates.



3 Responses to “The Shops at Target – Odin NY”
  1. lmccain1121 says:

    JC Penney is starting a similar concept in their stores..time will tell how it plays out those are large construction investments

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